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RSCC Completes Delivery of Nuclear Safety Replacement Cables to Korea's Shin Kori 3 Reactor

Shin Kori Nuclear Plant

EAST GRANBY, CONNECTICUT – September 30, 2014: RSCC Nuclear Cable (RSCC) announced today that it has completed delivery of safety-related replacement cables (class 1E) for the Shin Kori Unit 3 nuclear power plant as part of a nearly $13 million award by Korea Hydro Nuclear Power (KHNP). RSCC was competitively selected to replace cables at two APR-1400 reactors in November 2013 and now marks the cable industry’s first installation of 60-year qualified nuclear cables anywhere in the world. (Download above image, zip) (Download above image, jpg)

RSCC Nuclear Cable Transport“RSCC is proud to have achieved this milestone in the qualification and manufacturing of the world’s highest quality cables, under the most challenging circumstances of scrutiny and delivery for KHNP,” said Steven Bonnell, president of RSCC Wire & Cable.

RSCC has delivered more than a million feet of cable to meet the urgent demand for qualified replacement cables. More than 1,000 reels of low and medium voltage power, instrumentation and control cables have been air-freighted from JFK Airport to Korea over the past six months. Each reel was inspected several times during and after manufacturing in the U.S. and again several times before and after installation at Shin Kori. 

“Shin Kori’s cables have undergone more quality inspections than any other cable in the nuclear industry and KHNP has been one of RSCC’s most conscientious customers in the more than 40 years that we have been supplying nuclear cables,” said Corey McDaniel, vice president Asia. 

RSCC nuclear cables ready for shipmentRSCC passed a series of equipment qualification (EQ) tests to ensure the cables will withstand the most challenging circumstances 60 years into the future. The cables installed at Shin Kori are the first ever to meet such stringent EQ requirements, demonstrating the ability of RSCC’s cable to withstand harsh conditions that include extreme temperatures, pressures, steam, and radiation.

RSCC cables have been installed in more than half of Korea’s reactors and in every reactor in the U.S. and most major U.S. government nuclear facilities. RSCC nuclear cables are sold internationally to countries where the highest safety standards are demanded, including the UAE, China, Taiwan, Canada, Mexico, and throughout Europe and South America. RSCC has qualified safety-related cables for more nuclear applications than any other company in the world.


About RSCC

Celebrating more than 95 years of operations, RSCC manufactures specialty power, control, and instrumentation cables for the oil and gas, nuclear utility, transit, industrial, and other markets. RSCC is part of Marmon Engineered Wire & Cable, which includes 14 recognized manufacturers of specialty low, medium, and high voltage cables. Marmon Engineered Wire & Cable is a business sector within The Marmon Group, a Berkshire Hathaway company. The Marmon Group is a global, diversified industrial organization comprising more than 175 independent manufacturing and service businesses with more than 20,000 employees worldwide. Revenues totaled approximately $7 billion (U.S.) in 2013.

Contact: Brian Meeley
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Marmon’s RSCC to Supply Safety-Class Cables for UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Project

nuclear cables

November 7, 2013:

East Granby, Connecticut: RSCC Nuclear Cable announced today that it will begin manufacturing safety-related (class1E) cables this year for delivery to the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) peaceful nuclear energy program. RSCC was selected to supply safety-class cables to the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) managed project, consisting of four APR-1400 reactors, currently pending regulatory approval. RSCC was competitively chosen on technical merit to provide power, instrumentation, and control cables that have been qualified to international safety standards for a 60-year design life, even in the event of a severe accident or design basis event (DBE).

RSCC has supplied the nuclear energy industry continuously for over 40 years, longer than any other cable-maker. In addition to supplying cables to every reactor in North America, RSCC supplies reactors in more than a dozen countries throughout Asia, Europe, and South America. RSCC has also provided safety-related cables to large U.S. government nuclear facilities and has qualified safety-related cables for more nuclear applications than any other company in the world.

“RSCC is pleased to be selected for the UAE peaceful nuclear energy program. RSCC has successfully met or exceeded all tests requirements to date, and we are confident about our ability to complete and pass remaining tests on time to meet all customer and regulatory expectations and requirements,” said Steven Bonnell, president of RSCC Wire & Cable.

“The investment in high-quality cable today is an investment in a safe, reliable plant tomorrow. Verification of cable integrity is critical to meeting long-term performance standards, and nobody has more experience with nuclear cable qualifications than RSCC,” said Dennis Chalk, president of Marmon Engineered Wire & Cable.

RSCC is a Berkshire Hathaway Company (NYSE: BRK.A) (NYSE: BRK.B).

About RSCC

RSCC recently celebrated its 95th year of operations as one of more than 150 companies within the Marmon Group, a Berkshire Hathaway Company generating more than $7 billion annually with more than 17,000 employees and 300 manufacturing facilities. Marmon’s Engineered Wire & Cable (EWC) group consists of 13 specialty cable companies generating more than $800 million annually with more than 1,600 employees at 18 manufacturing plants in Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Virginia, Florida, Massachusetts, Texas, Vermont, New York, Canada and India. In addition to nuclear cables, Marmon EWC is a globally recognized designer and manufacturer of engineered cables for demanding applications in the power, transportation, chemical, petrochemical, mining, telecommunications, fire protection, aerospace and defense market sectors. For more information please visit:

Contact: Brian Meeley
Potomac Communications Group
(w) 202-466-7391
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RSCC Wire & Cable LLC recognized as a key MOX Project Strategic Partner

February 2013

On January 30, 2013 RSCC Wire & Cable LLC was awarded a banner in recognition of our role as a MOX Strategic Partner in supplying over 6 million feet of Nuclear Grade Wire & Cable over the last 5 years to this large processing facility near Aiken, South Carolina.

This banner represents the hard work from all of the RSCC Nuclear Departments who designed,   quoted, sold, manufactured, tested and shipped over 3,000 reels of Medium Voltage, Power & Control, Instrumentation, Coaxial and Fiber Optic Cables.

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August 2012

Left to right: Dick Brown (RSCC Quality Assurance Manager), Tim Hughes (Mirion Technologies, Quality Assurance Supervisor), Eric Brand (Mirion Technologies, Quality Control Supervisor)

During the week of August 15th, Tim Hughes and Eric Brand from Mirion Technologies performed the NIAC ( audit at RSCC Wire & Cable’s East Granby facility. RSCC’s audit team was led by Dick Brown, Quality Assurance Manager. NIAC audits suppliers every two years evaluating nuclear suppliers under the applicable 10CFR50 Appendix B, ANSI N45.2, ASME NQA-1, ASME NCA-4000 and/or ASME NCA-3800 to the specific supplier.

NIAC (Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee) was organized in 1994 as a result of an initiative established by the nuclear industry to share auditing services among its members. Benefits to the NIAC members include: supplier QA programs are evaluated on a consistent basis, supplier performance assessments utilize standard methodology, costs savings are realized by both the member companies and the suppliers.

The audit focuses in on the supplier’s performance for the following areas: Order Entry, Audits, Corrective Action, Training, Records, Procurement, Document Control, Material Control, Storage, Handling and Shipping, Inspection and Test, Calibration, Software Quality Assurance and Commercial Grade Dedication.

At the conclusion, the audit team met with RSCC Management to review the results and provide comments.

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Nuclear Medium Voltage Cable now available

July 2012

RSCC can now provide approved Medium Voltage cables to the Nuclear Market. RSCC is in the process of completing the Qualification Test Report for Normal Service Use which will include thermal and radiation aging. The report is expected to be available for distribution within the next month. The Full Class 1E LOCA Qualification report is expected to be completed within the next four months.

The addition of these Discharge-Resistant Medium Voltage cables with CSPE jackets, further enhances RSCC’s position as the premier provider of Nuclear Qualified Cables worldwide. Our product offering will range from 5Kv to 35Kv Shielded cables, in single conductor and multi-conductor configurations, and in AWG sizes from #2 to 2000 Kcmil.

If you have any additional comments or questions, please feel free to contact your Sales Representative.

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September 2012

RSCC Wire & Cable, LLC’s Nuclear Segment recently shipped the last of its orders for nuclear grade cables for the MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility. RSCC has been providing product to the site for the last 3 years.

A consortium called Shaw AREVA MOX was contracted in 1999 to design, build and operate a Mixed Oxide (MOX) Fuel Fabrication Facility. The intent is for the facility to be a major component in the United State’s program to dispose of surplus weapon-grade materials. These weapon-grade materials will be purified and mixed with uranium oxide to form MOX fuel pellets for reactor fuel assemblies.

The design of the facility if similar to two existing AREVA facilities in France which have been in operation for nearly two decades.

The facility is built on the Savannah River Site (SRS) near Aiken, South Carolina.

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April 2012

The NUPIC Audit of the RSCC facility and its Quality program occurred from April 23, 2012 through April 27, 2012. NUPIC audits are conducted every three years. Audits typically last four to five days and cover all aspects of a company’s policy and procedures. This year’s audit was led by Exelon. Other companies involved in the audit Pennsylvania Power & Light, American Electric Power and Hydro Quebec.

Our Quality Program and the controls we have in place allow us to provide the highest quality product to the Nuclear industry. As part of our commitment to the industry, we are constantly implementing continuous improvements throughout our facility.

RSCC anticipates the next NUPIC audit will be conducted in 2015.

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RSCC negotiates new orders with China for the new AP-1000 Westinghouse Reactor

November 2011

RSCC was honored to welcome Mr. Sun, Wenke to our East Granby, CT facility in November 2011.  As the General Manager of SNPEC (State Nuclear Power Engineering Corporation) in Shanghai, Mr. Sun is responsible for the construction and procurement for the Sanmen and Haiyang nuclear power generation projects. 

The Sanmen project is the first of four third-generation nuclear power reactors to be commissioned in China.  The plant is expected to start generating power in August of 2013.  The other three reactors will start to generate power in 2013 and 2014. 

Each of the four reactors will use the AP1000 technology from Westinghouse.  The development of the facilities in China is the culmination of efforts by a consortium led by Westinghouse that consists of The Shaw Group Inc., China’s State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation (SNPTC) and Sanmen Nuclear Power Company of China National Nuclear Corporation. 

The AP1000 design is based on the highly successful Westinghouse PWR (pressurized water reactor) technology standard.  The China plants will be the first facilities to utilize these reactors worldwide.

Dennis Chalk, RSCC’s president, provided Mr. Sun with a tour of the East Granby facility.  He had an opportunity to see our development laboratories, testing facilities and manufacturing operation.  In addition, Mr. Sun met with a number of members of the Nuclear Team to provide an overview of the nuclear experience and capabilities of RSCC.

RSCC’s current scope for the Sanmen and Haiyang projects include high temperature and specialty cables which are an important component of the plant operating system.

RSCC is looking forward to participating on each of these projects and look forward to participating in the future cable needs of SNPEC.

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RSCC Completes On Time Delivery of a Reactor Head Assembly Package for the Davis Besse Nuclear Plant

Reactor Head

Audust 2011

RSCC Wire & Cable LLC has recently completed delivery of over 200 unique and qualified cable/connector assemblies for the major reactor head replacement at the Davis Besse Nuclear Plant. These assemblies were supplied thru Areva-NP, a global supplier to the nuclear industry. These assemblies were constructed under strict drawing and tolerance requirements for power,thermocouple and position indicator applications. All assemblies were also manufactured under the RSCC Quality Assurance Program that meets the requirements of 10CFR50, Appendix B.

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RSCC Completes Extensive Testing for a New Fire Resistant Cable FIREZONE 3 HR

Firezone III

June 2011

RSCC Wire & Cable LLC has spent the last year conducting rigorous testing on a new highly flame resistant cable that can survive in a 3 hour 1900F fire. This cable, called Firezone 3 hr,is a response to the nuclear industry need (Appendix R & NFPA 805) for a cable that maintains circuit integrity per UL 2196 and is qualified for normal and HELB (High Energy Line Break) conditions of a nuclear plant. Firezone 3hr cables offer many advantages over current fire protective measures such as Flexibility, less space, less ampacity derating, easier termination, longer cable lengths , less installed cost among others.

Cable Product Data Sheets and full technical and qualification reports are available.

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RSCC Receives Areva Certified Nuclear Supplier Award

June 4, 2009

June 4, 2009: RSCC receives Areva Certified Nuclear Supplier Award, with Ann Lauvergeon, AREVA CEO

RSCC recently received the prestigious AREVA US Certified Nuclear Supplier Award on June 9, 2009.

RSCC was presented this award at the AREVA Certified Supplier Event. Prior to the award ceremony, Ann Lauvergeon, AREVA CEO, addressed the attendees. Ms. Lauvergeon in explaining the rationale for the award stated that together AREVA and the recipients of the award are at the forefront of developing the energy industry in the United States, North America and around the globe. The combined efforts of these companies, in Ms. Lauvergeon’s opinion will be able to meet the challenge of providing clean, reliable, cost effective and sustainable sources of energy.

The criteria established by AREVA for those companies receiving the award included:

  • Long-term relationship with AREVA
  • Dedication to safety, security and the protection of the environment
  • Meeting twenty-five key criteria that reflected product quality, perseverance, the respect of procedures and deadlines, the ability to anticipate and the flexibility to adjust to constraints within the sector, engineering support and dedication to technological innovation and investment in Research and Development.

RSCC is proud to have achieved this distinguished award, and looks forward to future business with AREVA on reactor head replacements programs as well as supplying nuclear qualified cables to the AREVA EPR Advanced Nuclear Reactor programs.

Receiving the award from Ms. Lauvergeon are RSCC president, Dennis Chalk, RSCC National Sales Manager – Utility Group, Mark St. Onge, and Utility Cell General Manager, Steve Sandberg.

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